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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ,s)


Where is the school located?

PIPS is located on Sri Chamkaur Sahib Morinda road near Pipal Majra village. The school is located in Pipal Majra village, Tehsil-Chamkaur Sahib,Ropar. It is easily and conveniently accessible from the any areas.

When i can visit the school?

You can visit the school from 8 am to 3 pm. You are also most welcome to take a tour of the school and acquire first-hand information about the facilities and infrastructure.

What is the entery level of the school?

The entry class level is NURSERY. Ideally the child should be 3+ for the entry level.

What is the procedure for admission to the entery level?

Parents are required to apply for admission in the prescribed forms, duly filled along with the Registration and Prospectus Fee paid by cash or by cheque at the school reception.

  • The registration form can either be downloaded from the school,s website or collected from the school. The following documents need to be attached with the form.
  • Photographs: 3 passport sized photographs of the child, 1 photograph of the guardian.
  • Birth Certificate: 1 copy of birth certificate along with the original which shall be checked and returned immediately.
  • The school reserves the right to admit the children found eligible for admission.

Is there a dead line for applying?

No. there is no deadline. The admissions depend upon the availability of

When should i submit the application for admission?

The admission for the new session is open from January onwards. Midterm admission is subject to the vacancy.

Is there required interview or admission test?

There is no admission test or interview of the child at the time of admission. An informal interaction of the parent with the Principal is mandatory.

Is transport facility available?

Yes, transport facility is available in the all areas. The school has a fleet of buses catering to Chamakaur Sahib

Welcome to Panjab International Public School, Pipal Majra (Sri Chamkaur Sahib)
PANJAB INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL, Pipal Majra , Chamkaur Sahib an ENGLISH Medium School is established and administered by Rachna Educational Society, Chamkaur Sahib , for imparting knowledge about concept and facts relating to different subject and for developing skills in the area of language and communication and also interest in hobbies, games and sports.

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