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Director Message .....


We are glad to announce that PIPS has emerged as a leading institution into SCKS and surrounding areas. As it is said that these is always a brilliant child locked inside every student by keeping this saying into mind, here at PIPS we provide quality education to the students so that they can perform well Academically, Physically, Mentally and to train them how to move into society in well behaved manners. We have proved this through the development of our students as they are doing exceptionally well in academics, sports and all other fields. In our times, we have to face challenges at the National and International level. But now we are glad that our students are performing very well here and all over the world. We are the leaders in providing excellent infrastructure and pollution free environment. At the end, we are thankful of the people and administration of SCKS and surrounding areas for having faith in us and facilitate us to provide best education to their wards.

S.P. Atwal "Managing Director"

Mrs. S.P Atwal